Hi there, I’m Renee Byrd.

Small town VA photographer, recipe developer, blogger, herbalism nerd and lover of lattes.

I could live on avocados, I can’t survive without a daily dose of nature and I once hiked the whole Camino de Santiago trail (that’s 500 miles from France to the coast of Spain!).

Most days you can find me curled up on my couch with a cup of herbal tea, reading a book and laughing with my husband in our little house at the end of the lane. Otherwise you might catch me teaching yoga classes, writing new music or mucking about in the garden. I’m a total nerd for biohacking, nutrition science, Ayurveda and psychology. And nothing makes me more giddy than eating (edible) flowers, making a big, beautiful meal for friends or going for a quiet stroll in the forest.

Currently I’m probably sipping herbal coffee or a kombucha mocktail and brainstorming how I can help other sensitive souls and creatives live their most vibrant and fulfilling lives.

You know what lights my fire? Helping people to experience the joy of food again despite sensitivities and necessary restrictions. Making people feel seen and celebrated for their love of simplicity, self-care and quiet. Giving people hope that yes sensitive souls can have vibrant health and lead amazingly fulfilling lives. It’s a lonely world out there folks — so just know, I see you. We’re friends now. K? K.

7 things about me

  • If I could eat only one food for the rest of my life it would be:

    Thai green coconut curry (with a side of passionfruit gelato).

  • My favorite book:

    The whole Harry Potter series (I’ve read them 13 times!) — followed closely by Pilgrim at Tinker Creek by Annie Dillard.

  • Most likely to binge watch:

    New Girl, The Office, Scrubs or Brookyln 99.

  • Thing you might be surprised to learn:

    I’m a self-taught photographer. I picked up my first camera to shoot my aunt’s jewelry line when I was 20.

  • I learned to cook from:

    My mum! She’s an amazing home cook. I also learned from talented friends, by working in juice bars and by cooking through cookbooks like The Inspired Vegan, Babycakes Covers the Classics and Plenty.

  • The era that most fits my personality:

    3125 A.D. A post-apocalyptic society of the future that’s entirely utopian — war, destitution and money are laughable concepts and everyone eats fruit all day. Or, ya know, if Middle Earth was an actual era than I’d live in Hobbiton and grow nasturtuiums on my little grassy knole.

  • The juicy deets:

    My husband is really hot. ;) He’s a Pisces INTJ. We write music together. Iz v cute.

Contact: hello@willfrolicforfood.com

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In this space I post vegetarian and refined sugar free recipes, herbalism-inspired DIY’s, holistic wellness conversations, sensitive living advice and the occasional personal post. The recipes are mostly gluten-free and dairy free, although on rare occasions I’ll post a recipe using spelt, ghee or goat cheese. Many recipes are grain free or paleo friendly.


Featured in…

The Kitchn, Thrive Magazine (print), Urban Outfitters Blog, Self Magazine, Shape Magazine, Buzzfeed, SBS Australia, Zeit Magazin, Pure Green Magazine (feature + interview), One Part Podcast (interview), Knife and Fork Magazine (print), Oov Magazine (print).

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The Local Palate (print), Alive Magazine (a Whole Foods print publication), Urban Outfitters Blog, Greatist, Cville Weekly (print)

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Urban Outfitters, Mozilla Firefox, General Mills, Mountain Rose Herbs, Anima Mundi Herbals, Wonderful Pistachios, California Olive Ranch